In addition to Locations, Custom Categories provide an option to organize your learners and data. When thinking about your set-up, consider what courses you want to assign to which segment of your learner population and when. A few common examples are departments, year hired, matriculation year, and employee type.

The Category is the broader name of how you want to segment learners while the Label is the specific tag. It is important to know that a user can be listed in multiple Categories, but can only have one Label per Category.

For example, an organization has the following Custom Categories and Labels. A user can be Labeled as both Human Resources (under Department) and 2019 (under Hire Year). A user cannot be Labeled as both Human Resources and IT because they are both under the Department Category.

Category Department Hire Year
Labels Human Resources 2018
IT 2019
Sales 2020

We recommend setting up these classifications before uploading users to your Foundry account. If you are unsure what to use, you can consult your Account Manager for best practices.