Welcome to the EVERFI course launch team! As a new administrator for your organization’s team, you are responsible for the successful deployment of EVERFI courses which you have licensed. We know that jumping into a project mid-stream can be difficult. This guide is intended to assist you in navigating your EVERFI account after it has already been set up and courses have been deployed.

The EVERFI platform allows you to tailor not only the course experience for learners but the administrative experience for you. Whether course or platform configurations, you will need to acquaint yourself with the set up before you start assigning course.

We recommend reading through and printing out the full guide to understand the options you have for configuration but more importantly, to assist you in asking the appropriate questions to learn more about how your organization has set up their account.

What you can find in this guide:

  • Transition instructions
  • Planning Resources
  • Administrator Learner Tools

Transition Steps

Transitioning into a new role can be difficult when you are jumping in the middle of a project. Use the steps and resources below to gain a better understanding of your organization and EVERFI.

Gain an understanding of EVERFI

  1. Watch this quick 1 minute video about EVERFI

Understand the content
Before making any assignments it is important to understand what your organization has access to as a part of your contract.  You should get a better understanding of not only the courses you have but the content covered and the learning objectives

  1. Locate a copy of your contract to review the agreement
  2. Review the catalog for a listing of courses, topics and course length

Learn about the administrative platform

Since you are utilizing an account that has already been configured, the best place to start is with an overview of the platform. EVERFI has multiple platform depending on your contract. Click the appropriate link below

  1. Foundry
  2. Homeroom (also known as the Higher Ed Partner Center)
  3. LawRoom

Planning Resources


This section reviews information to assist you once you’ve learned the platform and identified your role within the organization as it pertains to EVERFI.

Planning Resources are broken into three sections:

  1. Determine your role
  2. Create or review the training plan 
  3. Account & course configuration

Many times organizations have a license to use more than one EVERFI course. Organizations also divide the work amongst different departments depending on the content of the courses they purchase. EVERFI recommends that you create an EVERFI launch team in order to ensure the group is working together to launch courses. Below you will find the different roles an organization may have and the responsibility of those roles.

Executive Lead:
The Executive Lead is a decision-maker of strategic priorities at your organization. In many cases, this is the person who signed the contract and rallied the team in the acquisition of this comprehensive prevention and compliance initiative.

Project Lead:
The Project Lead is a vital role as you plan to implement courses covering different topics. In many cases, organizations will launch the courses in conjunction with each other and assign different implementers to track progress.

Course Implementer:
This individual is responsible for customizing, tracking progress, and reviewing data for specific courses. If you have purchased a course bundle that covers more than one subject area (Title IX, alcohol education, data security, etc.), you may want to identify different implementers by subject.

Information Technology (IT):
The IT contact is important if you have requirements for technical integrations. EVERFI will work directly with IT to enable those integrations as well as reach out when maintenance updates are required.

Once you’ve reviewed the roles and responsibilities, you should work with your organizations to identify your role.

Questions to Ask:

  • Who holds each role at my organization?
  • What role do I hold?
  • Are there any internal processes in place at our organization that I should follow?

Whether you have access to on course or many courses, it is important to map our your training plan in order to ensure you are creating the appropriate assignments and reaching the expected population.  There are three steps to creating a training plan:

  1. Identify the population
    Before launching a course it’s important to decide who you want to launch to. The video below will help you better understand what populations you should be considering.
  2. Determine the content
    Once you have your populations, you can take a look at the content. First, take a look at your contract to determine what courses you have access to. You can review our course catalog below.
  3. Develop a timeline
    Some organizations launch training annually while others only train new employees.  It is important to determine your timeline in order to schedule your assignments.


Questions to Ask:

  1. Who has already been trained this year?
  2. Are there any training requirements in my state?
  3. Does my organization have any training requirements that are satisfied by EVERFI courses?
  4. What courses do we have access to?

Your account can be configured to best suit the needs of your organization. The configurable account points include: locations, categories/labels and communications. The configurable points within each course vary by course. If the previous administrator has configured the account, you should review those options and become familiar with the setup.  You should also review the course configurations to confirm the information is up-to-date and accurate.


Questions to Ask:

  • How are categories/labels set up?
  • Does my account have all the labels required to train my learners?
  • Are there any integrations or automations set up?
  • Which assignments in progress?
  • What were the past assignments that are set up made