Whether this is your first EVERFI course launch or you’re a long-time EVERFI partner looking for a refresher, we know you’re excited to get started and launch courses to your student populations. Before getting started it’s important to develop a well thought out training and launch plan. The videos and resources below will help you better understand how to put together a successful launch plan and allow you to gather the necessary information for a successful course launch.

To prepare to launch your courses you should:

  1. Identify a population
  2. Determine content
  3. Develop a timeline

Training Plan Overview:

Before launching a course it’s important to decide who you want to launch to a specific course to.  Populations can include:

  • New undergraduate students
  • Returning undergraduate students
  • Undergraduate students 25+
  • Athletes

The video below will help you better understand what populations you should be considering.


Once you have your populations, review your contract to determine what courses you have access to and consider the content your populations should receive. For example, if you’ve licensed Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAPU), you are most likely going to assign that to your undergraduate students.

But think one step further. For this year, do you want to assign SAPU to all students so that you get a baseline and then moving forward only assign it to new and transfer students?

If you’ve purchased a bundle with multiple courses, you may be assigning different courses to different populations.

For example:

  1. AlcoholEDU and SAPU being assigned to New Undergraduates
  2. Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates assigned to New Graduates
  3. Sexual Assault Prevention Ongoing assigned to all returning Undergraduates and Graduates

Click here to review the catalog for course details such as length and topics covered.

The final piece to the puzzle is timeline. It is important to consider all prevention education and training done on your campus when integrating the EVERFI courses. The videos below provide guidance on best practices and alternative launch options so you can determine the best timeline for your organization.

Student Course Structure

Alternative Implementation Options:







  1. Implementation Map Example- Student Site License
  2. Implementation Map Example- Primary Prevention Suite
  3. Implementation Map- Blank Template