Best Practices for Engaging Key Stakeholders

Many EVERFI customers use the annual EVERFI Impact Report to engage both internal and external audiences to demonstrate how their educational investment has positively impacted students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. Sharing this data broadly can help build a positive brand, gain executive buy-in, and showcase your leadership in managing this initiative. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your impact data:

  1. Schedule an internal meeting with company executives to review the company’s overall program and use impact report data to highlight successes. Participating executives may represent departments including Marketing, Communications & PR, Community Engagement, CRA Officers, Government Relations, and Customer Engagement.
  2. Issue a press release showcasing highlights from your student impact data.
  3. Launch a social media campaign leveraging the social tiles and copy included below.
  4. Send an internal employee communication providing an update on your program and share its impact data. Show team members that you are a company who cares!
  5. Send a thank you note to a district leader, school principal, or teacher and your employee volunteers.
  6. Incorporate program summary and impact data into your company’s Annual Report or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.
  7. Publish an Op-ed or blog post that recaps your organization’s commitment to empowering young people with critical life skills and showcases the data and reach of your program.
  8. Feature your impact data on a company webpage or your intranet.

Social Media Assets

Share your organization’s impact on social media by utilizing these editable assets.

Communications Templates

Utilize these templates to communicate strong, metric-driven impact messages to all internal and external stakeholders, including your key executives.

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