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Principal Letter



Dear Principal <<LAST NAME>>,

I am pleased to inform you that [sponsor name] is proudly sponsoring the [name of program] for your school. Through this partnership, we have committed to bringing the EVERFI: [name of program] digital program to your school to teach [X-X] graders how to make wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime. We have made this investment because of our commitment to support, respect and improve the quality of life in the diverse communities where we live and do business.

EVERFI: [program name] sponsored by [sponsor name], consists of [X] digital lessons, [X] minutes each, that can be smoothly integrated into your curriculum for finance, economics, career and technical education, social studies and business. The content covers topics including [list topics] and other critical concepts. The program also tracks individual student progress and knowledge gains through pre- and post- assessments.

Our partnership goal is to provide as many students as possible with access to this financial literacy program before they face critical financial decisions beyond high school. With that aim in mind, we hope that you will consider helping us expand the usage of this new program into your school.

The team at EVERFI and [sponsor name] looks forward to working with you to best leverage this partnership and prepare for a successful school year. Please expect follow up from <<SM NAME>> at EVERFI in the coming weeks, and we hope to find time to discuss this opportunity with you further.

Best Regards,

Press Release Template

EVERFI has prepared a press release template you can use for this event. Please contact your Account Manager to receive a copy of the template.

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