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Email Template #1 (send on/around 1st week of April)

Subject line: April Is Financial Literacy Month – What Does That Mean to You?


April is Financial Literacy Month. [COMPANY NAME] is committed to giving students in [LOCATION] the tools needed to boost their financial literacy and give them the confidence to make more informed financial decisions. Students can access [PROGRAM NAME], a digital financial wellness resource offered through a partnership with leading education technology innovator EVERFI, in the classroom and with their families at home. Visit [LINK TO PROGRAM PAGE] to learn more.

We are thrilled to provide this valuable resource to our consumers and help students and families in your community get another step closer to their financial goals.

Thank you,


Email Template #2 (send 2nd or 3rd week of April)

Subject line: Spread the Word About This Free Resource to Celebrate Financial Literacy Month


Financial Literacy Month is in full swing, and we love seeing students in [LOCATION] already building their financial education with [PROGRAM NAME] through a partnership with [COMPANY NAME] and leading technology innovator EVERFI. [PROGRAM NAME] is free and is filled with valuable information on topics such as budgeting and saving for college. Local students and their families can access this resource anytime, anywhere at [LINK TO PROGRAM PAGE].

Together we can work towards better financial education for all.

Kind regards,


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    Share these resources with your customers to help boost their financial literacy!


Launching a Program Incentive Campaign

Celebrate within your community with an incentive campaign!

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