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[INSTITUTION NAME] is committed to empowering our customers with the financial knowledge they need to build a strong future. Since we launched [PROGRAM NAME] in [YEAR] we’ve provided our [members/customers] with access to reliable, robust financial education. Check out [PROGRAM NAME – Link to program URL] #FinLitMonth

During National Financial Literacy Month, [INSTITUTION NAME} is celebrating our [members/customers] who have achieved important financial milestones. So to all of the first time home-buyers, small business owners, parents who sent a child off to college, and graduates who paid off their student debt – congratulations on your success! We hope that our free, digital financial education program, [PROGRAM NAME – link to program URL], supported you along the way. #FinLitMonth

This April, we are celebrating Financial Literacy Month and reflecting on our digital financial education program, [PROGRAM NAME]. We care about our customers making smart financial decisions that help them achieve their goals. Learn more here:[PROGRAM NAME – link to Program URL] #FinLitMonth


Do you feel financially confident? During Financial Literacy Month, take charge of your financial decisions with our free online lessons. Visit [PROGRAM NAME – link to Program URL] to learn more! #FinLitMonth

Financial knowledge is important at every age and every stage of life. We’re proud to have delivered digital financial education for our [customers/members] this year. Advance your financial education with [PROGRAM NAME – link to Program URL]. #FinLitMonth

[PROGRAM NAME – link to Program URL] empowers people of all ages with the knowledge they need to tackle their financial goals. We invite you to check it out during National Financial Literacy Month! #FinLitMonth

April is National Financial Literacy Month! We’re proud to support our community with [PROGRAM NAME – link to Program URL], a free, online financial education program for our [members/customers]. #FinLitMonth


Happy National Financial Literacy Month! We believe financial capability is a key pillar of overall wellness, which is why we’re proud to provide [PROGRAM NAME – link to Program URL], a free, digital financial education program for our community. #FinLitMonth

During National Financial Literacy Month we’re celebrating all of YOU who took big financial steps this year. We hope that our free, digital financial education program, [PROGRAM NAME – link to Program URL], supported you along the way. [INSTITUTION NAME] will be here for you, your family, and your community when you need it next. #FinLitMonth

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