Promote your financial education program while providing just-in-time, relevant education to your consumers or employees.

In this toolkit:

  • Recommended Modules
  • Marketing Teaser
  • Social Media Bundle
  • Email Bundle

Marketing Teaser

There are so many ways to save!

Whether you’re saving for something big or small, or just building a stash in case of an emergency, there are many different types of savings accounts that you can put to use. There may even be an account that helps you reach your savings goal faster, or with fewer fees.

This World Savings Day, take steps toward achieving your financial goals. Get started: [INSERT LINK]

Communication Templates

Take advantage of these turnkey resources to help build your campaign. Each bundle includes messaging and graphics templates that you can customize to fit your brand.

  1. Customizable social messages and images to communicate the launch of your financial education program and drive general audience awareness.
  2. Boilerplate email language for an internal announcement of your new program that raises awareness and interest among employees.

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