Here you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your Employee Financial Wellness program. From pitch decks to employee outreach, these templates will help to increase the impact of your workplace banking offering.

Promotional Asset

Customize this valuable resource with your logo and share with your HR partners to help them build a plan to promote timely and relevant financial education messaging throughout the year.

General Questions

Yes. EVERFI’s partner Advanced Capital Group is running a successful workplace banking education program. Read more about it here: ACG.

EVERFI’s Customer Success team will provide implementation and ongoing technical support at the program level for our partners, and EVERFI’s Customer Solutions team will provide technical user support for the employees of your business banking clients.

Sales Support

EVERFI will provide your institution with a program pitch toolkit to help your business development representatives promote and implement your program with your business banking clients. The toolkit includes a customizable pitch deck, one-pager template and a templated 3-touch email campaign.

EVERFI will provide your institution with an employee outreach toolkit to help you equip your HR partners with the tools they need to effectively implement and promote the program with their employees. These include seasonal marketing calendars, social posts, and email scripting that you can customize with your branding and provide as a value add to each business banking client.

Financial education enables your institution to differentiate your existing workplace banking program by providing more value to your workplace banking clients by pairing product and service recommendations alongside education.

As a best practice, we recommend you reach out to and work with the HR executives at your business banking client organizations to promote and implement the program.

Personal finance is the #1 stress for employees today causing employees to spend time on their finances at work. Your business banking clients are concerned not only with this loss of productivity, but the effect of this stress on their employees’ overall health and well-being. Financial education can be part of a holistic wellness solution that helps your business banking clients to reduce employee stress while increasing employee loyalty.

Campaign Support

EVERFI’s custom, in-course screens are a convenient and effective way to generate leads. For optimal results, you can embed a form that posts directly to your CRM, lead tracking, or marketing automation platform. EVERFI partners typically use a Google form as our form capability does not support Javascript. Please note this is not an EVERFI API. This is reliant on your institution generating a form using your CRM tools. You can also include a call-to-action that opens a lead generation page on your institution’s marketing website, or a click-to-call button that will place a phone call if accessing via mobile phone. Please check with your marketing technology team to better understand the options available from your CRM, lead tracking, or marketing automation platform.

No. Unfortunately, at this time our platform does not integrate with Marketo or other CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.).

No, Foundry does not yet support third party javascript, so we are unable to embed Google Tag Manager, or any other code that includes javascript.

Yes, as a partner of EVERFI, you can request dashboard access to view registered and guest user data along with incentive qualification reporting for your business banking clients.

Program Data

The EVERFI data dashboard allows you to easily track program usage and engagement.

If you have a Shared Site program, you will be able to see aggregate level data for each business banking client based on the following:

  • Modules completed
  • Poll data
  • Registration questions
  • Personalization tool results (coming soon)

If you choose to require registration, you will also be able to see individual user-level data for each business banking client for the first three metrics.

If you have a Dedicated Site program, you will be able to see all of these metrics. Additionally, there is a solution available where your client would be able to integrate with the EVERFI platform would be to pass through a unique employee identifier allowing you to provide your HR partners with individual-level user reporting without requiring registration.

For a shared site, you will be able to track data for individual companies as well as in the aggregate. As a best practice, EVERFI will create a unique site URL for each company that you sign up for the program allowing you to view, analyze and share data at a company level.

Yes, for shared sites, EVERFI allows you to require registration and login allowing you to track individual data. For dedicated sites, we offer the option of SSO or a unique identifier pass through allowing you to track individual data.

EVERFI is currently developing two API solutions. Our standard data API will be available as part of every program once it is released in Q4 2018. EVERFI is currently developing a webhook data functionality enabling you to receive real time data on users’ actions. This solution will only be available for a dedicated site implementation.

Event Support/Program Questions

EVERFI workshops are completely turnkey allowing your reps to effectively and consistently deliver best-in-class workshops. Each EVERFI workshop includes relevant facilitator and participant guides. We also offer a train-the-trainer workshop to help the Administrators of your program train your business development representatives in how to create, deliver and report on workshops for their business banking clients.

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