Welcome to the Character Playbook Partner Resource Library!

Here you will find resources that will help you best maximize the impact of your Character Playbook Program. Character Playbook – Building Healthy Relationships is an interactive online social and emotional learning platform aimed to empower students with the skills they need to cultivate character and maintain healthy relationships. See below for press release templates, school activities, course information and more all developed for your benefit and convenience.

Course Overview

Character Challenge Assets

Community Engagement

  • Student Trivia

  • Student True or False

  • Student Worksheet

    Go through and help each character identify what they are feeling by drawing a
    line from the situation to the correct emotion.

  • Employee Engagement Kit

    Tips and tools for best utilizing your character education program and generating buzz in your community.


Impact Tools

  • Annual Report

    Showcase your character education impact with shareholders, customers, and other key stakeholders.

  • Local Media Outreach

    Leverage data on student knowledge gain and attitudinal change to showcase your impact.

  • Newsletter

    Showcase your commitment to the local community with your customers or members.

  • Website Feature

    Create a dedicated character education web page that links directly from your home or “About” page.


Communication Templates

  • Marketing Toolkit

    Resources and ideas for their planning around the program as well as to help plan out marketing expectations and goals for the year. The social tile below has been provided to you in PowerPoint form in order to give you the ability to customize.

  • National Bullying Prevention Month Toolkit 2019

    This year, our National Bullying Prevention Month communication tools and templates center around the 2019-2020 Character Challenge.

  • Course Screenshots


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