Course Description

This comprehensive course educates your employees on how to abide by your organization’s ethical guidelines with every business interaction and transaction. It educates employees on how to mitigate legal and financial risks through real-life examples and ethically-challenging scenarios.

Employers may upload branded, company-specific resources within each course module creating a truly customized experience. This course can be assigned in full with all modules required or each individual module can be assigned separately.

This course was newly refreshed as part of the 2021 Employee Library Refresh. Learn what’s new below:

Learning Objectives and Topics

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Insider Trading
  • Gifts, Travel, and Entertainment
  • Protecting Company Information, Data Breaches
  • Financial Integrity, Books and Record Keeping
  • Contracts and Trade Restraints
  • Legal Integrity
  • Fair Competition
  • Imports/Exports
  • Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery
  • Working with Foreign Officials/United States Officials
  • Whistleblowers, Anti-Retaliation

Course Syallabus

The Introduction presents a high level of all the concepts covered in Code of Conduct. A one page tutorial instructs the learner on how to navigate the course.

  • 3 Custom Policies
  • 4 Customizable Content Pages
  • 1 Custom Video Page
  • Pre-Course Survey

In this module, learners will explore various scenarios in order to fully understand the scope of what qualifies as a conflict of interest.

  • 3 Custom Policies

In this module, learners will explore the various vulnerabilities in the workplace, as well as specific ways to protect private information from falling into the wrong hands. Learners will understand how and when to report a breach.

  • 1 Custom Policy
  • 1 Customizable Content Page

This module explores financial integrity and how to maintain it. Learners will understand how to create appropriate contracts in alignment with export and trade laws, as well as guidelines on how to identify and work effectively with suppliers.

  • 1 Custom Policy

This module covers many factors relating to legal integrity, including imports and exports, insider trading, money laundering and more. Learners will understand how to identify instances of each, as well as preventative measures they can take so those situations do not arise.

  • 1 Custom Policy

This module covers employees duty to report as well as expectations regarding whistleblowers and anti-retaliation.

  • 2 Customizable Content Pages
  • Post-Course Survey

Finalizes the course and provides the opportunity for several additional organization-specific policies and resources for review and further exploration.

  • 1 Custom Policy
  • 3 Customizable Content Pages

Course Materials and Tools

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