Course Description

This course provides an overview of disability discrimination laws and helps supervisors navigate the process of accommodating qualified applicants and employees with disabilities. Using real case reviews, case studies of real-world situations, and role-playing, supervisors will be better prepared to recognize protected individuals, respond to requests for accommodation, engage in the interactive process, and avoid common mistakes. This course covers the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and CA regulations.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify who is protected by disability laws and what qualifies as a current disability versus a past or perceived disability
  • Define what it means to be a qualified individual living with a disability
  • Define “reasonable accommodation” and identify the process required to provide reasonable accommodations
  • Explain how to protect individuals’ privacy when determining and implementing reasonable accommodations

Course Syallabus

This module provides a brief introduction to the course content, including the thought behind the course’s usage of person-first language.

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This module explores different laws that protect employees from disability discrimination and to whom they apply. The learner is able to identity who is protected by these laws and further explores how employment decisions may be made by applying lessons learned to interactive scenarios.

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In this module, the learner dives into the duty to accommodate and what those accommodations look like for employees. The learner explores the interactive process and will be able to identify privacy concerns when working with medical information. The importance of keeping accommodations private is also established and the learner applies all lessons learned through several interactive scenarios.

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This module provides a brief conclusion and summary of the course content.

This is the module you share your policies and additional resources.

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